Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

The 2016 RFWTT season celebrated 61 women crossing the finish line of the Denver Tri for the Cure.

The 2016 RFWTT competed for the first time in the USAT Club Nationals Triathlon Championships in Loveland, Colorado. Competing against teams from all over the country 22 elite members of the summer team took up the charge to compete. The Club Team took home a Third Place Trophy in the Division IV category.

Several members completed their first Half Ironman at the Boulder 70.3 including coaches Carol McCurry, Heidi Halladay, Sharma Phillips, Carla Westerman; and members Caryn Hettler, and Lori Boardman.

The 2015 RFWTT season celebrated 60 women crossing the finish line of the Denver Tri for the Cure. Age Group Winners were:

First Place:  Sharma Phillips, 35-39; Karin White, 75-79

Second Place:   Jeannette Chiappinelli, 40-44; Coach Nancy Reinisch 60-64

Third Place:   Tamra Allen, 35-39; Carla Westerman, 50-54; Margo Fishman, 65-69; Maureen Nuckols, 70-74

Shout-outs for 2015 members include:

Tari Williams, Ironman 70.3 Boulder, Colorado

The 2014 RFWTT season celebrated 62 women crossing the finish line of the Denver Tri for the Cure. Age Group winners were:

First Place: Maureen Nuckols; 70-74;  Coach Nancy Reinisch 60-64

Second Place:  Cindy Davis: 60-64; Carla Westerman: 50-54; Sharma Phillips: 35-39

Third Place:  Karin White: 70-73;  Margo Fishman: 65-69; Jamie Fowler:  30-34; Stacie LaDuke:  25-29

Shout-outs for 2014 Team Members include:

Carol McCurry:  Boston Marathon Finisher 2014

Coach Nancy Reinisch, Sherrie Setterberg, Carla Westerman, Tianna White, Sharma Phillips: Ironman 70.3 Boulder 2014.

The 2013 RFWTT seasons celebrates 51 women crossing the finish line of the Denver Tri for the Cure. Age group winners were:

First Place:  Coach Nancy Reinisch: 60-64; Sharma Phillips 35-39,

Second Place: Sherrie Setterberg: 50-54.

Third Place: Karin White: 70-73.;  Carol McCurry: 60-64:   Caryn Hettler: 45-49


The 2012 RFWTT celebrates many great accomplishments this year:

The Tri for the Cure 2012:  Sharma Phillips placed 2nd in her 35-39 age group.

Strawberry Shortut 5k and 10K Results:  32 members crossed the finish line–a Team record.!

Coach Carol McCurry 1st 60-64 5K;

Erika Watkins 2nd 30-34 5k

Sarah Hess 2nd 50-54 5k

Sharma Phillips: 10K 1st 34-49 and 7th Fastest Woman Overall

Coach Carla Westerman 10K 2nd 45-49;

Coach Heidi Halladay: 10K 3rd 50-54;

Coach Nancy Reinisch: 3rd 10K 55-59;


The 2011 RFWTT once again found podium finishes for several of our members:

Tri for the Cure 2012:

Coach Carol McCurry:  First Place age 60-64;

Coach Nancy Reinisch: First Place age 55-59.

Carla Westerman: Second Place age 45-49

Many of our RFWTT members inspire and motivate us with their accomplishments. Here are a

The 2010 RFWTT season found podium finishes for many of our coaches and teammates:

Coach Nancy Reinisch2nd Place Tri for the Cure, 55-59 age group

Sherrie Setterberg: 3rd Place Tri Glenwood Triathlon 45-49 age group

Team Laurie Ciani and Tri Sisters; 3rd Place Female Team Tri Glenwood Triathlon

Coach Carol McCurry; 2nd Place Aspen Golden Leaf Half Marathon; 60-64 age group

Carla Westerman1st place Black Canyon Triathlon, 45-49 age group

Connie Majors; 3rd place Black Canyon Triathlon, 40-45 age group

Sharie Prow:

The 2009 RFWTT season found podium finishes for many of our coaches and teammates:

Coach Reinisch:  Second Place: 55-59, Tri Glenwood Triathlon; First Place : 55-59, Chicago Sprint Triathlon; Third Place: Survivor’s Category, Tri For the Cure; First Place: 55-59, Strawberry Shortcut 10K.

Coach McCurry:  Third Place: 55-59, Moab Other Half Marathon; Third Place: 55-59, National Half Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer.

Coach Nuckols:  First Place; 65-59, Tri Glenwood Triathlon; Third Place; 60-64, Strawberry Shortcut 5K.

Jeanne Sheriff:  Third Place, 55-59, Tri Glenwood Triathlon; Second Place, 55-59, Strawberry Shortcut 10K.

Joyce Rankin:  First Place, 60-64, Tri For the Cure

Caryn Hettler:  Third Place; age group, Hogback Hustle 5k

Sharie Prow: First Place, Women’s Team Division, Tri Glenwood Triathlon; First Place; 50-54,Tri It High Triathlon; Second Place, 50-54, Strawberry Shortcut 10K.

Katie Gengler: Third Place, Women’s Relay Division, Glenwood Canyon Shuffle Half Marathon

Vreni Diemoz: Third Place, 40-44, Strawberry Shortcut 5K,

In The News 2008:

Nancy Reinisch published her book Chemosabee: A Triathlete’s Journey through the First Year of Breast Cancer and is featured in an article in the Post Independent describing her book signing, “Glenwood Springs cancer survivor an inspiration to many”, December , 2008.

Judy Haynes’ son David Haynes-Norton is featured in the Glenwood Post Indpendent in “Local Vet says Afganistan is where military should focus” as he describes his life as a Navy corpsman medic in Iraq, October 25, 2008.

Joyce Rankin wins her age group, 60-64 at both the Danskin Triathlon and the Tri for the Cure Triathlon, 2008.

Judy Haynes and husband John Norton are featured in the Glenwood Post Independent, “Athletes Pull to Higher Levels”, as they launch their new Accelerate Human Performance Studio.

Janet Early successfull completed her Delta Society certification Healing Partners program with her dog Zoe, Glenwood Post Independent, July , 2008.

Margo Stapleton and her husband Howard are featured in the Glenwood Post Independent “Ranch a Special Place for Couple”, celebrating their apple, cherry, pear and peach farm, July, 2008

Carol McCurry qualifies for the Boston Marathon at the St. George Marathon, 2007.

Nancy Stevens is featured in Shape Magazine,” Women who Shape the World”, November, 2007; in HerSports, “Up for the Challenge” March/April 2008; and March, 2008 as Winner of the Courage Award for Women Athletes in Colorado by the Colorado Women’s Athletic Commission.

Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team is featured in Triathlete Magazine in the Club Profile, January, 2007

Mary Blichman is featured in the Glenwood Post Independent, “Mary Blichman finds strength in everyone”, September 2007.

Mary Jay, Heidi Halladay, Liane Anderson, Jill Garling, Debi Wright, and Nancy Reinisch are featured in the Glenwood Post Independent as breast cancer survivors staying fit through triathlon, “Exercise helps women cope with breast cancer”, September 2007.

Jamie Darien is selected as Wal-Mart teacher of the Year, June, 2007

Nancy Stevens Blind Camp is featured in the Glenwood Post Independent, “Blind athletes come to town to give multisport a try”, April, 2007 .

Nancy Reinisch receives the Glenwood Springs Chamber Athena Award for her service to women in her community, April , 2007

Team Nancy: Blind Triathlete Nancy Stevens and Guide Nancy Reinisch win the JAL ITU Honolulu Short Course World Championships in the Visually Impaired Women’s Division becoming the first all women duo to participate and win gold in the physically challenged division of the event, October, 2005