Kathy Westley
April 8, 1949-January 8, 2023

Kathy Westley was our “new swimmer” coach from 2009 until she passed away in January of 2023. She taught numerous women how to take their first strokes as a swimmer.

We always thought of Kathy as a Mama Duck, gathering and protecting all of the beginner swimmers with a soft and encouraging voice, but eventually, when the time came and we were good enough to leave the comfort of her lap lane, she would kick us out to join our tri sisters in the next lane over. Eventually, we worked Kathy out of a job.

Once we learned to swim in the lap lanes at the Hot Springs, it was time to take the trip to Harvey Gap and our introduction to open-water swimming. The learning began all over again. Kathy kept us all close to the shore learning again to be swimmers, without the comfort of being able to touch or see the bottom. Again, eventually, she kicked us out, one by one to join our Tri sisters in the deep water. Kathy would greet us all as we crawled out of the lake, so
proud of her ducklings.

Beyond being our swim coach, Kathy was a mother, grandmother, businesswoman, friend to all, and a faithful and true servant of God. She will be missed dearly.