he 11th annual Outdoor Diva Sprint Triathlon will be held on August 18, 2019. It is the all-women’s triathlon you’ve been waiting for! The Competitor Magazine awarded it ‘best women’s event in Colorado’.  The race cap is intentionally kept low at 600 women to create a fun, festive, yet intimate racing environment.  The event highlights include offering one of the biggest expos of the year, great goodie bags, a ton of raffles, and a completely closed race course.

The Outdoor Diva Sprint Triathlon (click to register for Tri Diva) is located at Union Reservoir in Longmont, Colorado, offering breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains. The race features a half mile lake swim, a flat and fast single loop 12.9 mile bike, and finishes with a 3.1 mile run on a gravel road that hugs the lake.  The course is beginner friendly and spectator friendly with the race setup for family and friends to see the action.  Another great highlight of this event is the close proximity of the transition area, start line, finish line, expo area, and parking to each other.

Outdoor Diva
Sprint Triathlon


The 750 meter open water swim will take place in the clean waters of Union Reservoir. The swim course is rectangular shaped, with the swimmers traveling in a counter clockwise direction. Participants exit the water at the northern end of the course next to the dock/boat ramp and run about 100 yards to the transition area along a CARPETED path. The water temperature at Union Reservoir normally ranges between 70-75 degrees at the time of the event.
The first-timers swim wave is the last wave in the sprint distance event. The waves are capped at 50 athletes, creating a small and friendly first race experience.


The bike ride portion is 12.9 miles. The single-loop course is now construction free and smooth. This course has everything a sprint triathlon could ask for. It has flat sections that are wide for passing, fully closed to traffic on CR1, rolling hills on CR7 and CR5.5, wide-shoulders, and smooth asphalt.


The 5K run is an out & back course along the dirt road adjacent to Union Reservoir, with one short hill to climb just before mile one. On the way back, make sure to look beyond the water to see a breathtaking view of Longs Peak and many other snowcapped mountains. There will be an aid station just past the first mile, you will pass it twice on the out & back of the course.

trainees say

  • I do want to take a minute and thank you . This has been the coolest experience of my life. I feel like, not only have I been inspired, but I’m inspiring others. I have loved every minute of it and I am so grateful to all of you and all that you do. I have never been surrounded by women that make me feel like I can do anything, and that is how you and my team mates make me feel. I feel pretty, I feel strong, I feel capable, I feel limitless and I feel alive when I am around you and the team. You have created such a beautiful thing and you inspire me to be a better person. You have changed my life and I am so very, very grateful.

    Janelle First Year Tri-umph 2014
  • Nancy, I feel GREAT about the training. My heart rate has decreased quite a bit doing the same pace as four weeks ago. For instance, walking up the hill this week, my HR was the same as it was during our parking lot walks last month. My swimming time has also improved greatly as I have learned the right way to breathe! I feel that both my strength and my endurance have improved dramatically. I have gained so much confidence doing this training and feel better about my body, my health and my abilities than I have in years. I forgot how FUN it is to work with a team — I love it! I so appreciate all the work you and Judy put into it!

    Leslie First Year Tri-umph 2014
  • Still smiling! Having a few days to reflect on the race I realized how much I have learned. Our dinner was amazing and I felt so at home with all of the women. This team has truly become family. The race was becoming so much more than just a race, but I wasn’t nervous. I’ve never been as calm getting into the water and I can actually say I “enjoyed” the swim. I pushed as hard as I have ever pushed on the bike (knowing my weakness) but still felt strong and even passed people (loved the ages on the leg!). Then the run…and I spotted a teammate ahead of me (not knowing it was you yet). It sparked my desire, inner athlete, and competitiveness to try and catch up. This wasn’t my race this was a race for the team. And then I figured out it was you. It wasn’t about passing you it was about running FOR You. I just kept repeating “this one is for you coach” and dug deeper. I wanted our team to do this, to place and show you how strong you have made all of us. And then I read you caring bridge this morning…and I hope it keeps you moving forward. WE DID IT! You have all my love, respect and pride in how you tackle each and every day and your ability to keep everything in perspective even as you head off to treatment. Thanks for an amazing, life changing weekend.

    Nancy Zeigel
    Nancy Zeigel Third Year Tri-umph 2016
  • You Rock! You both are so inspirational and motivating. I wouldn’t be where I am in triathlon without you! Thanks, Kelly

    Kelly Second Year Tri-umph 2013
  • Nancy and Judy I want to you know that you do an exceptional job of pulling this all together. It was very well-organized and very well-run, and I will highly recommend it to any potential triathlete I meet! I enjoyed the knowledge that I can run long(er) distances than I’ve ever tried to run before. Not something I really want to know because now I don’t have any excuses, but now I also don’t have any excuses! You chose exceptional people to be your assistant coaches, too. Special kudos to Caryn, Heidi, Sharma and Carol. They were extremely supportive to me personally. Thanks, Laura

    Laura First Year Tri-umph, 2013
  • It was a fantastic summer– one of the best things I have done in a long time! I loved the camaraderie from the participants and the coaches was amazing and unexpected. I have new friends, workout buddies and a new outlook on life. I learned about balance. If I tried this on my own, I would have tried to go to extremes in both exercise and nutrition. The training kept me in check and offered me a new perspective. This has been applied to other areas of my life as well. My husband keeps commenting on how I have positively changed both physically and emotionally. I already miss the trainings and the group on a whole. I cannot thank Nancy and Judy enough for your support, advice, teaching, encouragement and inspiration. Lynn

    Lynn First Year Tri-umphs, 2013
  • I’m a pretty quiet person and not very comfortable in crowds. By the end of the summer I felt a part of something that was much bigger than I had imagined. I gained confidence in myself and comfort having others around me. The whole experience was fabulous. Linda

    Linda First Year Tri-umphs, 2013
  • I felt so prepared and was so pleased with the whole experience. I loved every minute and wouldn’t change a thing! Something I gained but didn’t expect to gain from my Tri Experience this summer was the mental as well as physical self worth. I have always been athletic and sports oriented but I never approached it from a mental standpoint. The visualization was amazing! This was very therapeutic for me. Just what I needed to get through the summer! I just want to thank you both so much for all the support, advice and training you gave me over the summer. I have been struggling with finding myself over the last couple of years. This experience and the energy and support I got from the two of you and the team was exactly what I needed! Sandy.

    Sandy First Year Tri-umph, 2013
  • I was surprised at how many amazing friendships I gained, and how much triathlon training, preparation and doing it relates to real life. It is such a wonderful analogy. Always have a plan B. I want to know how much you made this summer incredible for me, I have so many fond memories and skills that I will take with me forward into what is about to be a very busy fall. Thank you!! Tina

    Tina First Year Tri-umph, 2013
  • It was wonderful to be around strong, fit women. I enjoyed having a community to be a part of. What seemed impossible at the beginning of the summer was very much achievable by the end. And I learned a healthier way to get there, without pushing too hard or doing too much. Thanks again for a great season! Teka.

    Teka First Year Tri-umph, 2013