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  • Sharma Phillips
    Sharma Phillips LEAD COACH

    Sharma Phillips infectious and energetic personality promotes a high level of enthusiasm, inspiration, and strength to her leadership as one of the lead coaches.  In addition, her strong athletic background and experience preceded her membership with RFWTT. Prior to joining the team, Sharma has been an accomplished runner and organized an all-woman’s cycling club at her local bike shop. In 2010, Sharma became a member of the RFWTT as well as assistant coach for the team. At the time, the RFWTT swim coaches taught her to swim, and it started her journey with triathlons.

    Sharma is a certified Ironman triathlon coach, certified personal fitness instructor and group fitness instructor.  She is the owner of TRI Valley Training, which is a club that focuses on long distance races and events. Personal accomplishments are completing five marathons (including Boston), all distances of triathlon. (Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and a full Ironman).  She has completed several notable trail runs (Golden Left and Imogene Pass) and many more.

    Sharma’s love for athletics comes from a passion to push her own personal boundaries.   She receives deep enjoyment from setting goals and working toward them as well as helping others achieve what they think is impossible.  This is where her love for the RFWTT stems.  Helping others see new potential in themselves and giving them to the tools to succeed.  This is what the team means to her and she is grateful to be one of the head coaches.

  • Carla Westerman
    Carla Westerman LEAD COACH

    The RFWTT is fortunate to have Carla Westerman as a lead coach with her strong athletic background, experience, and history with the team.  Her leadership is set apart by the motivating spirit she embodies, helping those around her reach their full potential. Her ‘can do’ attitude rubs off on everyone. She helps her team members believe they are capable of more than they originally thought. For many on the team, she is the voice telling them to run a little faster, swim a little harder, and bike a little farther. Her motto is “KEEP MOVING!”

    Carla’s experience includes a USAT Level One Coach certification. She originally started on the RFWTT in 2008 as a beginner triathlete, needing to learn how to swim. With the help of the RFWTT team swim coaches, Carla went on to complete her first sprint triathlon and found a true love for the sport. Carla has since completed many Sprint and Olympic Distance races, as well as two Half Ironman distance races, and in 2016 completed her first Ironman Triathlon at Ironman Louisville Kentucky. Carla has spent the last six years as an assistant coach with RFWTT, and in 2018 has taken on lead coaching duties with her training partner and friend Sharma Phillips.


  • Sherrie Setterberg
    Sherrie Setterberg Assistant Coach

    Sherrie Setterberg has a life long passion for the sport of triathlon because of the inherent variety and challenge it offers. Her first triathlon was in 1989 at the Glenwood Triathlon. Since then, she has competed in many sprint and olympic distance triathlons and is a 70.3 Half Ironman finisher. She is also a 2-time USAT Age Group National Championship qualifier. Sherrie has been a member of the RFWTT since 2010. The team has been a meaningful and valuable source of comradery, inspiration, education and support. Moreover, she treasures the network of women who are ready to pair up for not only workouts and races but also coffee and fun times.

    She hopes to bring insight to other athletes in achieving sustainability in multisport training and competitions. She focuses on strength and fitness derived from physical and mental preparation. Most importantly, she cherishes meeting new fellow athletes and offers hearty encouragement on their journey to navigating this enriching sport of triathlon.

  • Jeannette Chiappinelli
    Jeannette Chiappinelli Assistant Coach

    Jeannette Chiappinelli has lived in the valley for 20 years, and participated with RFWTT for the last seven years. The team inspired her inner athlete and transformed her perspective on life. Not only has the team helped expand her athletic capabilities, but also inspired lasting friendships. The team is more than a group of women, it becomes an extension to ones family. Along with the inspiration of the team, Jeannette’s determination, striving for excellence, and work ethic has led to second place wins in her age group and completion of a half-marathon. Her personable nature, approachability, and commitment as a team player makes her a great contributor to team leadership as a coach.

  • Jessie Johnson
    Jessie Johnson Assistant Coach

    Jessie Johnson started her triathlon training back in 2013 with the RFWTT. With some hesitation and some friendly nudging from others to sign up, she decided it was time to jump in and try something new. She has completed seven triathlons thanks to this wonderful group of coaches and teammates. Not having much experience in swimming and biking prior to joining this group, she has learned so much.

    Jessie offers a strong history and experience in running. She was fortunate to have some amazing friends in middle school who inspired her love of running and encouraged her to join the cross-country running team. This childhood experience has followed her to adulthood. She moved to Snowmass Village, CO in 1994, and met her husband, Erik, at the end of the Basalt Half Marathon in August 1996. Jessie, her husband and two daughters have lived in Glenwood Springs for the past 12 years. She has completed many local running races, completed eight marathons, having qualified for Boston Marathon three times, and seven triathlons in both the sprint and olympic distances. The RFWTT is excited to have Jessie’s strong background incorporated in the leadership team.

  • Heidi Halladay
    Heidi Halladay Assistant Coach

    Heidi Halladay offers inspiring leadership with the history and experience she has with the team. Fifteen years ago at age 45, she completed her first triathlon with the RFWTT. Joining the group of healthy women changed her life. She learned about heart zone training in the three aspects of triathlon: swimming, biking and running. Every year with the team, she discovered new techniques from the coaches to help her improve efficiency, enjoyment and overall finish times. During her fifteen years with the triathlon team, she has completed over thirty sprint triathlons, several olympic triathlons, two half-ironman’s, a marathon, many half-marathons, and a century bike ride.

    The most rewarding gift for Heidi during triathlon season is sharing the training process in a safe and encouraging environment with a group of women who are courageous and willing to “tri” something new and different. She loves helping others, both young and mature, athletes or not, develop their own skills to complete a sprint triathlon.

  • Amy Spradlin
    Amy Spradlin Assistant Coach

    Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet. Think about it carefully! Don’t go off somewhere else!
    …just throw away all thoughts of
    imaginary things, and stand firm
    in that which you are.
    ~ Kabir

    Kabir’s words are Amy Spradlin’s inspiration for coaching. In 2004, Amy joined the Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon team. She had never completed a triathlon and did not know if she could. Her body was not society’s image of an athlete, and she wasn’t a runner. Her initial thought was, “Is it possible for me to complete a triathlon?” However, she put self-doubt aside and walked into the first meeting. When Amy walked into the room and saw women of all ages, sizes, and abilities, she knew she had made the right choice. Since 2004, Amy has participated and completed five separate years as a team member in the RFWTT. In 2014, Amy was asked if she was interested in coaching the ‘walker group’. After a discussion with the coaches about whether or not Amy was qualified, she again put self-doubt aside, and took the next leap of faith and said yes! Amy said yes because she knew that even though she didn’t have a bunch of credentials, ribbons, or experience, Amy had something more important…heart and passion for helping other women see their potential. This year will be her third year as a coach, and she cannot wait to support even one woman as she “stands firm in that which she is”! Because who you are is enough!

  • Nancy Zeigel
    Nancy Zeigel Assistant Coach

    Nancy Zeigel joined the RFWTT six years ago when her daughter wanted to find something to do together to honor her aunt whom had passed away from breast cancer.  Saying “yes” was one of the best decisions of my life.  Nancy grew up as an athlete playing volleyball, basketball, tennis, softball…anything with a ball involved.  She had never swam a lap, ridden a bike up a hill or even run a mile for exercise.  This team has reignited Nancy’s inner athlete, renewed her passion for fitness and health, inspired her to be a better person every day and most importantly has given her friendships and a family of sisters who mean the world to her.


For most people, the swim is the hardest challenge. Our team’s success would not be possible without the below swim coaches. We have many success stories of team members who did not know how to swim and with the help of our swim coaches, were transformed and able to complete the sprint distance open water swim by the end of the season.

  • Kathy Westley
  • Terry Heggy
  • Howard and Mary Jay
  • Tesia Zuba
  • Judy Haynes

  • Terry Heggy
    Terry Heggy Masters Coach

    A lifelong competitive swimmer, Terry began coaching Masters Swimming in 1982. Over the years, his swimming athletes have earned numerous individual National Championships and Top Ten rankings. He has received the Colorado Masters Swimming Association (COMSA) “Coach of the Year” award, and currently serves as Chair of the COMSA Coaches Committee and is a member of the US Masters Swimming (USMS) Coaches Committee. His individual accomplishments include a USMS National Championship in the 10K open water swim, competing in the USAT Olympic-distance triathlon National Championships, and numerous Masters swimming age group State Championships. He is a Level 3 Certified Masters Swim Coach, RunRight Certified Running Coach, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

    Terry’s articles for USMS “Streamlines” and SWIMMER magazine demonstrate his passion for helping athletes achieve their goals and get the most from their swimming experience. His coaching philosophy is to provide a fun and positive environment for all athletes, regardless of experience or ability, and to consistently make workouts enjoyable as well as challenging.


  • Jill Wilson
    Jill Wilson Administrator
  • Jackie McMillan
    Jackie McMillan Travel Coordinator

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experts say

  • I do want to take a minute and thank you . This has been the coolest experience of my life. I feel like, not only have I been inspired, but I’m inspiring others. I have loved every minute of it and I am so grateful to all of you and all that you do. I have never been surrounded by women that make me feel like I can do anything, and that is how you and my team mates make me feel. I feel pretty, I feel strong, I feel capable, I feel limitless and I feel alive when I am around you and the team. You have created such a beautiful thing and you inspire me to be a better person. You have changed my life and I am so very, very grateful.

    Janelle First Year Tri-umph 2014
  • Nancy, I feel GREAT about the training. My heart rate has decreased quite a bit doing the same pace as four weeks ago. For instance, walking up the hill this week, my HR was the same as it was during our parking lot walks last month. My swimming time has also improved greatly as I have learned the right way to breathe! I feel that both my strength and my endurance have improved dramatically. I have gained so much confidence doing this training and feel better about my body, my health and my abilities than I have in years. I forgot how FUN it is to work with a team — I love it! I so appreciate all the work you and Judy put into it!

    Leslie First Year Tri-umph 2014
  • Still smiling! Having a few days to reflect on the race I realized how much I have learned. Our dinner was amazing and I felt so at home with all of the women. This team has truly become family. The race was becoming so much more than just a race, but I wasn’t nervous. I’ve never been as calm getting into the water and I can actually say I “enjoyed” the swim. I pushed as hard as I have ever pushed on the bike (knowing my weakness) but still felt strong and even passed people (loved the ages on the leg!). Then the run…and I spotted a teammate ahead of me (not knowing it was you yet). It sparked my desire, inner athlete, and competitiveness to try and catch up. This wasn’t my race this was a race for the team. And then I figured out it was you. It wasn’t about passing you it was about running FOR You. I just kept repeating “this one is for you coach” and dug deeper. I wanted our team to do this, to place and show you how strong you have made all of us. And then I read you caring bridge this morning…and I hope it keeps you moving forward. WE DID IT! You have all my love, respect and pride in how you tackle each and every day and your ability to keep everything in perspective even as you head off to treatment. Thanks for an amazing, life changing weekend.

    Nancy Zeigel
    Nancy Zeigel Third Year Tri-umph 2016
  • You Rock! You both are so inspirational and motivating. I wouldn’t be where I am in triathlon without you! Thanks, Kelly

    Kelly Second Year Tri-umph 2013
  • Nancy and Judy I want to you know that you do an exceptional job of pulling this all together. It was very well-organized and very well-run, and I will highly recommend it to any potential triathlete I meet! I enjoyed the knowledge that I can run long(er) distances than I’ve ever tried to run before. Not something I really want to know because now I don’t have any excuses, but now I also don’t have any excuses! You chose exceptional people to be your assistant coaches, too. Special kudos to Caryn, Heidi, Sharma and Carol. They were extremely supportive to me personally. Thanks, Laura

    Laura First Year Tri-umph, 2013
  • It was a fantastic summer– one of the best things I have done in a long time! I loved the camaraderie from the participants and the coaches was amazing and unexpected. I have new friends, workout buddies and a new outlook on life. I learned about balance. If I tried this on my own, I would have tried to go to extremes in both exercise and nutrition. The training kept me in check and offered me a new perspective. This has been applied to other areas of my life as well. My husband keeps commenting on how I have positively changed both physically and emotionally. I already miss the trainings and the group on a whole. I cannot thank Nancy and Judy enough for your support, advice, teaching, encouragement and inspiration. Lynn

    Lynn First Year Tri-umphs, 2013
  • I’m a pretty quiet person and not very comfortable in crowds. By the end of the summer I felt a part of something that was much bigger than I had imagined. I gained confidence in myself and comfort having others around me. The whole experience was fabulous. Linda

    Linda First Year Tri-umphs, 2013
  • I felt so prepared and was so pleased with the whole experience. I loved every minute and wouldn’t change a thing! Something I gained but didn’t expect to gain from my Tri Experience this summer was the mental as well as physical self worth. I have always been athletic and sports oriented but I never approached it from a mental standpoint. The visualization was amazing! This was very therapeutic for me. Just what I needed to get through the summer! I just want to thank you both so much for all the support, advice and training you gave me over the summer. I have been struggling with finding myself over the last couple of years. This experience and the energy and support I got from the two of you and the team was exactly what I needed! Sandy.

    Sandy First Year Tri-umph, 2013
  • I was surprised at how many amazing friendships I gained, and how much triathlon training, preparation and doing it relates to real life. It is such a wonderful analogy. Always have a plan B. I want to know how much you made this summer incredible for me, I have so many fond memories and skills that I will take with me forward into what is about to be a very busy fall. Thank you!! Tina

    Tina First Year Tri-umph, 2013
  • It was wonderful to be around strong, fit women. I enjoyed having a community to be a part of. What seemed impossible at the beginning of the summer was very much achievable by the end. And I learned a healthier way to get there, without pushing too hard or doing too much. Thanks again for a great season! Teka.

    Teka First Year Tri-umph, 2013